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Carbo Metals

Privately owned independent steel trading company

About us

We are an exporter of prime and second choice steel products. Our passion for steel drives who we are and what we do. Every day.

We are committed to widening access to our products, so more clients can benefit, no matter the port of destination. Through our expertise, along with our strategic warehouse location in proximity to the port of Antwerp, our distribution and export solutions are cost-effective and convenient for both domestic and international clients.

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Core values


Our mission is to find the right type of material for the right client.
Our business is focused on the delivery of growth by reducing risk whilst improving our long term financial performance.
Our fast decision-making culture helps us to better understand the expectations of our clients and partners.


We believe that the way we do business is as important as what we do – this is what makes us different – as we continuously challenge ourselves to optimize the quality of our products to the needs of our clients.


We are a customer-oriented trading company and believe in developing strong, lasting relationships with all our partners.
We are dedicated towards providing goods and services of high quality with competitive prices.
At the same time, we also value dedication and hard work displayed by our team.


All our products are from European Union Origin bought directly from the leading mills all across Europe.

We can also provide prime materials on request from leading mills in Turkey.

Our product range by category.

Office: Carbo Metals BVBA

Risstraat 12, 3600 Genk, Belgium

+32 484 58 75 25

  • Ahmet Aksu

Ahmet Aksu
Managing Director

Office Belgium
+32 484 58 75 25

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